Kos Places to Visit

Kos Town is of course the island's capital city and where you wi find the main ferry terminals for both the large car ferries and also for the Kats and Dolphins. Quite close by you will also find quite an extensive yacht marina which you can wander around and admire the often expensive boats. There are numerous cafes and shops, a huge castle and perhaps one of the largest free to enter archaeological sites to look around on any of the Greek Islands. Having visited many of these sites we have created a separate item on all this which can be found on our Sights of Kos topic.

Tigaki is located on the northern coast of Kos and a favourite destination for holiday companies and thus full of large blocks of accommodation - i.e. not particularly scenic. There are of course shops and tavernas etc. The beach right in the centre is sandy and is totally packed with sunshades and sunbeds - however as you head north along the coast the beach becomes quite narrow and does suffer from seaweed.

Mastichari. The town has a reasonable size harbour for yachts and there are some fishing boats - the harbour also provides a car ferry service out to Kalymnos. There are of course plenty of shops and tavernas plus accommodation in it's narrow mostly vehicle free streets. Beach at popular holiday resort of Mastichari on Kos Mastichari Harbour area, Kos Part of the beach area at Mastichari, Kos There is also a quite wide nicely paved promenade area running alongside it's presumably sandy beach because sadly yet again this Kos beach was covered in sun-beds and umbrellas. If you walk a little bit out of Mastichari the beaches become sun-bed free to a large extent and there is the possibility of some peace and quiet - however also the real possibility of sea-weed.

Kefalos (area). This area of Kos Island contains quite a few of Kos's more remote beaches, plus several nice churches etc. - please see our Kos Sightseeing Topic.

Kos - Kardamena. We actually stayed at Kardamena some years ago and it has changed quite a lot with it's now nicely paved streets and walking areas and looking quite clean and tidy. This is pure package holiday Kos - tavernas, shops and bars are everywhere. The town does have a beach which is apparently sandy - it is somewhat hard to tell because it appears to be totally covered with sun-beds and umbrellas. I am not sure there is even room for anyone to stretch out on the actual sand should they find it because the lines of sunbeds are placed really close to the shoreline. However if you head north along the coast out of Kardamena the area is a little wilder and quite a lot quieter. The sand on the beaches has become a little coarser but you find far few people about and it's even often possible to find a bit of beach where you can strip off for a naturist swim and sunbathe if you wish. As mentioned we had returned to Kardemena just to see what is was now like - there are still groups of teenagers wandering around with cans of beer in their hands and one wonders just what things get like later into the evening. Talking to a family whilst in a taverna back near Kos Town one evening they said they had felt a little nervous about walking around Kardamena with their two children in the evening because of these groups of teenagers and had got themselves moved out of the town. Worth perhaps noting that in Kardamena the bars are allowed to be - and therefore are - often noisily open until 3 or 4 a.m.

Pyli and Old Pyli. Pyli is a populated village situated up in Kos's hilly area whilst Old Pyli is now deserted and really only consists of the ruins of the village and an old castle. Please see our Sights of Kos Topic.

Kos Villages - Zia. The mountain village of Zia is extremely popular with coach tour companies so if you want to have a look round where you can actually see anything the best time to go is as early in the morning as possible because by midday the village is inundated with day-trippers. However any Monday is also a good day to visit - the tour companies usually include Zia on their "round the island" trips and since quite a few of Kos's locations are shut on Mondays they often do not run these trips on that day. There are lots of shops and tavernas in Zia - it is worth taking a walk round the village - especially consider taking at least a short wander up towards the mountain. Zia marks the start point for a walk up to Kos's highest point - Mt. Dikeos - this nice Kos Holiday walk is on rocky pathsand initially through forest and ideally you do need walking boots or good trainers and you do also need plenty of drink with you.

Pisso Thermes. This is another target for the holiday tour company escursion coaches - apart from driving yourself you can also get there either by Bus no.5 out of Kos Town or by cycling to it (or of course walking as we did). The top parking area has several buildings selling hot dogs and other junk food around it - once past these head down left on a steep dusty track (there is some parking in two places on the way down by the way) to reach sea level. A little way along there are more places offering you culinary delights before you reach the sulphur springs - these barely noticeable outlets are located within a small-ish ring of rocks. As mentioned we walked there as part of a beach walk from Kos Town - really quite glad that we did not spend any money going to Pisso Thermes because quite honestly there is little there of interest and the area has quite a scruffy feel to it and is certainly not particularly scenic.

Kos's Hungry Ducks - Limni Springs. These Springs (and the resident "hungry" ducks) are located on the main road at the road junction at Linopotis where the road to Pili goes off into the mountains. The last time we visited and fed the ducks the surrounding area looked quite nice but unfortunately for our July 2008 visit some of Kos's infernal bulldozers had been at work nearbye and it's a bit of a mess. However the ducks are still alive and well and it is essential that when you visit them you have lots of bread as they are always hungry. We also saw several turtles as well as a tortoise on the small island in the middle of the springs. Apart from the ducks you can also spot some quite large eels who also seemed quite keen on getting something to eat.